Interact Media Defined (IMD) has acquired the business of Brooke Pattrick, effective as of 1 October 2015, strengthening both brands in the B2B environment they operate in.

Brooke Pattrick Publications will be incorporated into IMD with the intention of maximising efficiencies and capitalising on the synergies between the companies to offer enhanced infrastructure and support for all our customers.

The consolidation will allow the new business to thrive in these difficult times, with the benefits of its combined forces far outweighing either business’ individual reach. Brooke Pattrick and IMD are positive about the merger.

“This exciting new deal will allow us to pool our resources and work together to add value for both companies’ clients,” said Sean Macnamara, managing director of IMD. “The various service and product offerings will complement and enhance each other, adding value for readers and advertisers alike.”

The main benefit of this transaction is a bigger balance sheet for both companies.

“If a company is financially strong, it has more room to experiment and innovate, offering customers more,” said Neil Pattrick, managing director of Brooke Pattrick. “This is a win-win situation as we can now offer the readers more information and the advertisers a bigger reach.”

Although the businesses are joining forces, the intention is for both IMD and Brooke Pattrick’s brands, and the majority of the staff supporting these brands, to continue as is for the foreseeable future. Both will continue to offer their multiple platforms for disseminating useful information to the relevant industries.

“This forms part of the complete strategy for a paid-for media company that has the potential to offer more than just supplier-based magazines,” said Pattrick. “The industry is progressing towards data-driven journalism and the production of reports and research material. The company that gets this right has the potential to own Africa’s B2B market. And IMD has the potential to do just that. They’ve got the private equity backing, the skillset and the experience; they already have many of the pieces of the puzzle.”

The Brooke Pattrick operation will be relocating from its current offices in Woodmead to IMD’s premises in Bedfordview. The merger should be finalised by the end of October.

For more information, contact Sean Macnamara on +27 (0)82 929 1948 or