Interact Media Defined purchases Trademax titles

Interact Media Defined (IMD) has purchased Trademax Publications’ three titles, effective as of 1 August 2016. This means that Timber iQ, SA Roofing and SA Affordable Housing will now form part of the IMD media offering.

The Trademax management team has been strategising ways to adapt to the current challenging market conditions while accommodating evolving client needs in today’s fast-paced marketing arena. “The acquisition of the titles by IMD offers an ideal way forward for the publications to grow while capitalising on their established market position and reach,” explains Billy Perrin, founder and outgoing publisher of Trademax Publications.

Trademax’s operations will be integrated within IMD and the existing office, along with the sales and operational staff complement in Cape Town, will be retained. This will ensure uninterrupted service and ‘business as usual’ for all existing Trademax clients. In fact, they will soon be able to avail themselves to a broader service offering that includes more advertising choices to fit every promotional budget and promotional strategy. “This is a unique opportunity for our clients to sit back and enjoy a broader service offering without any sacrifice or compromise on quality or delivery,” says Perrin. “The wide scope of additional options that IMD brings to the table will positively benefit every one of our clients, and thereby the industries served.”

For IMD, this new venture provides the perfect opportunity to branch out its existing media offering by growing its reach within the building sector. “The three new titles suitably complement our present stable of products and is further testament to the synergies between the two companies,” says Sean Macnamara, managing director of IMD. “This acquisition will also expand IMD’s national footprint, giving us a significant presence in Cape Town for all our titles.”

While Billy and Celéste Perrin will be pursuing other interests, the professional and knowledgeable publication managers behind the titles (Jacqui Marsh for SA Roofing, Kylin Perrin for SA Affordable Housing, and Angeline Martin for Timber iQ), will remain unchanged. IMD’s Ilana Koegelenberg (RACA Journal editor) will step in as the new editor on the titles, ensuring that the publications go from strength to strength.

“Over the past few months, I’ve become more familiar, and impressed, with the capabilities of IMD. I am very pleased that such a top-class publisher will be taking these respected and established publications to a new level in the B2B marketplace,” says Perrin. The Trademax staff, too, will benefit from being part of a bigger team backed by management philosophies that are not dissimilar to those of Trademax. “I’m looking forward to, in due course, seeing the results of all the exciting initiatives being put into place at this time.”

IMD proudly takes a face-to-face approach to business and would like to meet with all key players in the Trademax sphere to build this relationship. Anyone who would like to arrange a meeting, is invited to get in touch as soon as possible.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, contact: Sean Macnamara (managing director) on 0027 (0)82 929 1948 or

To contribute to the editorial calendars of any of the titles, contact Ilana Koegelenberg (editor) on 0027 (0)71 216 814 or

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