Strengthening Africa’s supply chain

Two well-known construction equipment exhibitions have planted their roots in African soil, writes Civil Engineering Contractor Editor David Poggiolini.

Africa has become the home of two very successful international construction equipment shows, namely bauma and Conexpo-Conagg. Both brands promise to fill a gap that exists in the sub-Saharan African sector. Until the debut of bauma Africa in late 2013, there was no dedicated “yellow” or “white” metal exhibition on the continent with any real substance.

Hosted in Johannesburg for the first time as bauma Conexpo Africa, one wonders how long the focus will remain on South Africa, which is struggling to shift into a higher construction gear, compared to other countries to the north. Nevertheless, South Africa is considered “easier” territory for newcomers to the continent, and an entry point into the SADAC region.

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Darren Smith
Darren Smith


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